FAQ Pool Monkey

Your common questions answered.

Proudly servicing Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley rentals on:


  1. Twice a week service during the summer and a once a week service during the winter
  2. Skim the water surface for debris.
  3. Brush the sides and steps of the pool and spa
  4. Clear the pump basket of leaves and debris.
  5. Clear the skimmer basket of leaves and debris.
  6. Vacuum the bottom of the pool as necessary
  7. Lubricate the backwash piston and pump lid o ring as necessary.
  8. Properly and safely balance the pool chemicals
  9. Backwash sand and DE filters and add DE power to grids.
  10. Chlorine Tabs
  11. Muriatic Acid added safely and correctly.
  12. Quarterly cleaning of salt cells if applicable
  13. Adding of special chemicals such as Salt, Phosphate removers, Algaecides, Liquid and Granular shock will be billed on a per treatment basis.
  14. Test pool and spa water with detailed water analysis
  15. Test salinity of pool or spa water
  16. Balance pool and spa water as needed
  17. Add Chlorine, Soda Ash, Bicarbonate, Muriatic Acid as required
  18. Adjust in-line chlorine or bromine feeder as required
  19. Record all chemical and critical data on every visit Check Pool Equipment every visit

Our service is a flat fee of $150 monthly with the exception of pool shocks.