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Our Policies:

This is agreement is made between Pool Monkey LLC and you the Customer. How many gallons of water your pool holds will determine your weekly maintenance needs. Please provide all pool, spa, and equipment information as accurately as possible, including the type of sanitizer being used (Chlorine, Salt, Bromine).Without an accurate profile, we at Pool Monkey cannot guarantee the quality of your pool/spa’s water chemistry and situations may arise that can become costly to remedy. Our technician will also look over all your equipment at each visit. If our technician notices an issue with your equipment we will notify you immediately. Additional work to repair equipment will be done at our standard service rates. As a valued customer, you will receive top priority scheduling with any repairs needed.


By agreeing to this contract, you allow Pool Monkey to be present on the property where your Pool/Spa is located for any allocated time necessary to complete the tasks required for the maintenance of said Pool/Spa. As such, it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain safe and clear access to the Pool/Spa. If your Pool/Spa is in a secured area, we ask you to provide us with a key marked with your name or code necessary to get into the area. For the safety of our staff and prevention of liability, the path to and surrounding area of the Pool/Spa must be clear of obstacles (Toys, Furniture, Yard Equipment, etc.) and pets prior to the arrival of our maintenance technician. No inflatable toys or furniture shall be in the Pool prior to the arrival of our maintenance technician.The technician reserves the right to cancel a job for the week if there is no access (locked gate, unsafe conditions) to pool/spa at time of arrival and return the following week. An attempt of contact will be made at the property or by phone for access prior to leaving the job.


Your pool maintenance is performed on a weekly basis only. Since every Pool/Spa is unique, we cannot provide specific times of cleanings.If more than one visit is required to clean your pool/spa after spring opening, additional charges will be assessed based on your need. We will make every attempt to schedule additional maintenance when requested. Any additional maintenance calls will be billed at the per-visit rate at time of maintenance. We also may need to adjust our schedule as needed due to weather conditions, holidays, or unforeseen conditions. If for any reason we need to reschedule your cleaning, you will be notified. If problems arise that interfere with your pool/spa maintenance between visits or you notice a problem, please contact us at 480-745-9800 or


Repairs are not included in the monthly service fee. Repairs under $75 will be performed immediately and charged separately to the Client. Repairs greater than $75 shall require Customer authorization in advance of the repair.


Customer agrees to pay Pool Monkey the monthly service fee of $150.00 as well as any additional costs that may be incurred for repairs or services that are in addition to the weekly maintenance services.


Pool Monkey requires a valid credit card to be placed on file for all services. You will be billed based on the maintenance options chosen. All payments are processed at the beginning of the month service is being provided for. As a reminder, the cost of chemicals is included in the weekly maintenance and chemical application pricing. Maintenance technicians only apply chemicals purchased from Pool Monkey. No exceptions. Pool Monkey reserves the right to suspend or cancel maintenance for your pool/spa due to an overdue balance or non-payment. All invoices are subject to late fees after every 30 days of an overdue balance.

We ask that you maintain proper water levels in between visits. Evaporation and swimmer water splash out are the most common reasons you need to add water. The water level should be at the middle of the skimmer for us to vacuum or maintain your pool/spa.

It is not recommended to allow children or pets to swim within 2-12 hours of any chemical application.